The post-recession economy has spawned a new world of work. The roots of this revolution go back several decades but it took the catalyst of a serious downturn to really accelerate the changes.

In a series of articles the Chiumento team will be exploring the implications of these changes for both employers and employees.

In the first article – “Wake up to the new world of work” – we explore the realities of an increasingly virtual workplace. It is estimated that something like 13-15% of UK workers are now based from home. And the trend is growing. Yet despite this, many managers and businesses are still struggling with the whole concept. We try to explain

Chiumento are champions of flexible working. It gives us a powerful commercial advantage – including when looking to hire great talent. When location is no longer an issue you open up a wider talent pool.

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Our second piece looks at “How the 24/7/365 consumer is changing the world of work”.  Increasingly consumers expect to consume goods and services anytime, anywhere. Yet many workers still see employment as a Monday to Friday thing. This disconnect between consumer and employee expectations is beginning to cause tension – for example over enhanced payment for weekend or evening working.

We examine how for some workers the new reality is an “all inclusive” salary – where the focus is on outcomes not inputs (ie hours).  Plus a blurring of the lines between work and personal time in a world where businesses are “always on”.

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In future articles we will explore issues like the reality of home working. And how managers have to transform their skills from supervision to leadership in a world where looking over people’s shoulders is no longer possible.

Watch out for more articles on the new world of work in the days and weeks ahead.