You can trace the Chiumento Essentials story right back to 1994. That’s when our business was founded. Way back then we were determined to be innovatively different. And we still are today!

In the early days our competitors looked on in amazement as we announced we were going to run the business on an Associate basis. It made perfect sense as it gave us a much larger and more flexible talent pool. Today all the major providers work that way.

Our Chiumento Essentials Advisors are the “next generation of Associates”. Just like our Consultants they are all experts in the UK jobs market. What makes them different is a passion for technology. Working mainly from home they use video conferencing rather than meeting rooms. They guide people to e-learning and are on hand to review CVs and applications. Technology makes geography irrelevant – meaning we can pair Advisors and Delegates without worrying about where they live.

Chiumento’s Virtual Learning Centre (VLC) was the UK’s first internet careers portal. It gave us a taste for technology that led to our winning a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Oxford Brookes University in 2011. Brookes’ are renowned experts in internet technologies and e-learning. Working with their academic team we set about developing a technology strategy that would put us at the leading edge of outplacement technology.

In 2013 the first fruits of that partnership emerged. Chiumento Touch, our tablet based delivery platform, was launched. Soon after came our bespoke Career Motivation application based on Chiumento’s own research.

Over the past three years we’ve moved all our business systems to the cloud. From accounting systems to VOIP telephony we’ve made it possible for all our staff to work from anywhere there’s a broadband service. You no longer need offices everywhere to deliver services anywhere.

In 2015 we launched Chiumento24. A direct line descendant of the original VLC it enables on-line collaboration between our team, clients and delegates. It features integrated video conferencing, instant messaging, secure document sharing, e-learning distribution and much, much more.

Chiumento24 was conceived to underpin our premium outplacement services. However we quickly realised it offered wider potential too. And that’s where the Chiumento Essentials story comes right up to date.

Over the last five or six years we’ve met a lot of organisations who wanted to do the right thing by people being made redundant. Often though they couldn’t afford our traditional services. Often as much due to the scale of their change programme as the cost per person. So we asked ourselves a question. How do we deliver a quality service at a fraction of traditional prices?

We took our inspiration from the ideas behind some of the best known budget airlines. They have to get people safely from A to B just like the “flag carriers”. However they get competitive advantage by doing it at a much lower cost. That led us to a concept called the Business Model Canvas.  It made us think about every cost and “frill”. If we took things like meeting room costs out of the equation (just like taking out free in-flight meals) you quickly make outplacement more affordable.

The Chiumento Essentials story came alive in 2015 when, through some smart thinking, we worked out we could deliver a service for as little as £295.00 plus VAT per person. A service so good we were happy to put the Chiumento brand on it.

Today Chiumento Essentials is a distinct brand yet very much part of our total portfolio. It won’t be the right choice for every organisation or every delegate. For example its not designed to support those who have suffered real emotional damage through redundancy. Its perfect though for those who need a helping hand to get back in the job market. Or employers on an extremely limited budget.

Chiumento continue to offer our full range of premium services. Indeed those have just evolved to with the creation of our new “All-inclusive” programmes. You can find out about those on our main website.

Blending Chiumento Essentials and premium services is a real option. We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs. Hopefully you’ll then help us write the next chapter in the Chiumento Essentials story.



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