Our mobile edition makes it possible to deliver a consistent, high value UK outplacement solution to any location where wifi is available.

When you lose your job that can also mean losing access to an up-to-date PC or laptop. In a world where so many job applications are done on-line not having a modern device is a real handicap. Equally the last thing you want to do when money is tight is to go out and invest in new equipment.

If there is a machine at home the chances are it can be old and out-of-date. Perhaps the operating system is no longer supported (like Windows XP) or maybe you don’t have access to key office software. When was the last time updates were done or the hard drive de-fragmented?

Frequently delegates report problems that turn out to be caused by having out-of-date web browsers. Failure to install critical security or firmware updates can be a culprit too. Then there’s hardware issues like too little memory or just simply “wear and tear”. Home computers generally don’t get looked after (or replaced) like those in corporate environments.

Chiumento Touch is an Android tablet that’s been configured to overcomes all these problems. You literally “just add wifi” to get a great UK outplacement experience.

With over 90% of UK homes now having broadband plus hundreds of thousands of free wi-fi hotspots it means you are never far from a connection. And, for the odd occasion you can’t get wifi, we’ve embedded some e-learning that can be used off-line.

Chiumento Essentials is optimised for the Google Chrome browser which makes Android the perfect platform. We’ve pre-installed an office suite that’s fully compatible with Word, Excel and and Powerpoint plus key tools like anti-virus software and the LinkedIn application. It really is ready to go straight out of the box.

Touch can do so many things that make job hunting easier. For example many recruitment agencies now use Skype to do first interviews. So we’ve added the Skype app to Touch.




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