We’ve tried our hardest to keep the Chiumento Essentials commercials as simple as possible. We like to make doing business with us easy!

The important things you need to know are:-

  • Length of services. Delegates will receive services for three months from the date they register on Chiumento Essentials.
  • Invoicing. We will invoice you as soon as your delegate registers to take up their service.
  • Our payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Our focus has been on ensuring the lowest possible price. We regret that we cannot offer extended payment terms beyond 30 days.
  • Want a discount? If you can pay in 14 days or less from date of invoice we’ll happily discuss one with you. We will automatically surcharge back to full price if the agreed payment terms are not met.
  • Late payment. If your payment is not received by the due date we reserve the right to suspend access to Chiumento Essentials services. Your delegates will always be given at least three working days notice if this is likely to happen.
  • Purchase orders. If you need purchase order numbers quoted on invoices these must be provided before services are commenced. Under no circumstances will access to services be granted if we are not able to invoice you immediately.
  • Early resettlement. If your delegate gets a new job before their three month programme is completed that’s fantastic. However we do not offer refunds of unused time.
  • What happens if the delegate doesn’t get a job? We can’t offer a guarantee. After all we can’t control what jobs individuals apply for or attend interviews and assessments on their behalf. We will however provide you with regular statistics on resettlement rates aggregated across all our delegates.
  • Standard reporting. We will notify you of all delegates who sign up to use their programme. We will also provide you with:-
    • Aggregated data on resettlement. We cannot provide data on individual delegates. Data is published quarterly.
    • Aggregated data on user satisfaction. We ask all delegates to complete a short end of service quality questionnaire. The results will be published on a quarterly basis.
  • Customised reporting. If you require customised reporting then this is chargeable as an extra. We will quote you a quarterly fee for this based on the complexity and frequency of the information required.

Special terms relating to the Mobile Edition

  • Configuration and despatch. Chiumento Touch tablets will be configured and despatched as soon as your delegate signs up for their service.
  • Ownership. The tablet remains the property of Chiumento until your invoice has been paid in full.  You are responsible for the device until payment is received including liability for any loss or damage however caused. Ownership will be transferred to the delegate once full payment has been received.
  • Warranty. All Chiumento Touch devices are covered by a 12 month warranty for faults in manufacturing or configuration. Delegates wishing to claim under the warranty need to return the device by recorded delivery. A replacement will be despatched once the original device has been returned in good condition.
  • Loss or damage. The warranty does not cover loss or damage caused by the user no matter how caused.

This is a summary of the Chiumento Essentials commercials. A full copy of our terms of business can be supplied on request.




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