Chiumento Essentials has been designed to bring outplacement within the reach of every employer. Starting from just £295.00 per person (excluding VAT) it has never been easier to “do the right thing” by people leaving your organisation through redundancy.

Based on 20 years’ experience of providing premium services to some of the UK’s top employers, Chiumento Essentials meets the growing demand for affordable outplacement. It harnesses the power of technology yet retains a strong personal touch. Designed to be fully mobile, it also meets the “any time, anywhere” service expectations of new generations who prefer to access services via mobile phones and tablets rather than laptops and PCs.

So why offer outplacement? After all, the aim of most redundancy programmes is to reduce costs.

We think there’s three prime reasons why spending £295.00 per person makes great sense:-

  1. Redundancy doesn’t just affect those leaving. It affects those staying too. Seeing that the organisation is helping colleagues is vital to the morale and engagement of those who remain. It helps them re-focus on their jobs quickly and effectively.
  2. Those leaving “move on” more quickly. Research shows time and again that individuals receiving outplacement support generally get a new job faster than those who have to do it alone.
  3. Doing the right thing when times are tough is vital to your long term employer brand. Things may be tough right now but at some point you will be hiring again. How you behave now makes a big statement about your organisation’s culture and values. Which in turn affects your reputation in the job market.

Choosing Chiumento Essentials over traditional outplacement isn’t just about money. The experience is very different too. Here’s just a few examples:-

  • Traditional outplacement programmes often require delegates to travel long distances to the provider’s offices. Offering Chiumento Essentials means delegates can access their programme from anywhere. With over 90% of UK homes now having broadband, the majority of delegates will never need to go past their own front door to get the help they need.
  • We can deliver services to any location with broadband or 4G. That means you get exactly the same experience no matter where you live.
  • On the way to an interview and want some last minute help? Chiumento Essentials works on tablets and mobile phones too. You just need to find a wifi hotspot or use your 4G connection.

Worried that your people don’t have access to an up-to-date computer? Don’t worry we’ve thought about that too! Our Mobile edition includes a free tablet computer that’s optimised for Chiumento Essentials. Your delegate can even keep it once the programme is over.

Full details of our Business, Premium and Mobile services are on the site – or you can download a free brochure.

Want a demonstration? No problem we can arrange that on-line. We’ve made every aspect of Chiumento Essentials as simple as possible.


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