10 common mistakes made by job applicants

What are the top 10 common mistakes made by job applicants? This month we have been doing some recruiting of our own. Its been an eye-opening experience and one that has highlighted that there are some really basic things candidates need to watch out for.
  1. Sending the wrong attachments. Applications for our role have been mistakenly accompanied by everything from an invoice for soft furnishings to an invite to a birthday party. We won’t be paying the former or atte...

Ask Chiumento – advice for job applicants

Every month our resident panel of experts answer some of the most popular, challenging and unusual questions posed by job applicants. We can’t answer every query individually but check regularly and you may well find your question being addressed. “I’ve been offered two jobs and don’t know which to take. At one company I really liked the people and the job is very close to home. The other pays a lot more but I am not sure about the commute. How do I decide which one to choose?” More